This episode is a conversation with Rose Ruane of Dennistoun.
Rose originally grew up just outside of Glasgow, and first came to settle in the East End in a flat in Haghill, then eventually moved into Dennistoun where she’s been a resident for many years now.

Rose is an author and so much more, her first book, This is Yesterday was published in 2019, and a paperback will be out very soon. 

There’s some very pleasing rude language in this episode so if you are offended by such a thing, I do apologise. 

As we recorded this conversation over Zoom there are of course the occasional odd noises and whooshing sounds, I’ve tried to edit them out where possible, but as ever some remain. 

Special thank you to Helen Cassidy who suggested Rose to the podcast. 

Rose Ruane by Eoin Carey
Photo of Rose by Eoin Carey

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  1. Comment by Tace

    Tace Reply July 27, 2021 at 8:30 pm

    Lovely listening to Rose, I was by her side in those early east end days, and when she married and became Mrs Ruane.
    She’s still as beautiful today as she was then…
    Tace x

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