Candy and Donald Talk about Andy Neil

This episode is a conversation about the life and adventures of leading rally driver Andy Neil, with her children Candy and Donald.  Andy or Annie and her sister Chrissie or KiKi were born and brought up in a pig farm at Tollcross.  Andy never sat a driving test, yet she drove trucks for the pig farm and competed in rallies including the Monte Carlo rally.
We talk about her life, her rally driving career, the pig farm, her family, memories of Tollcross, the politics of land ownership in Glasgow, a firearms armistice amongst many other topics.

Before the conversation started Candy, Donald and I talked a bit about how poor my internet connection was, so you’ll hear that mentioned at a certain point in the episode.  Needless to say the connection improved once my son stopped playing the Xbox.

To get us started we talk about Candy and Donald’s lives and then go into the story of Andy’s life.

If you want to see some photos of Andy’s life and achievements do have a look at our website, where you’ll be able to find some brilliant photos of objects and articles about Andy’s life that Donald and Candy have provided.  Thank you both again! 

This episode of TFtE is presented in association with another artist in residence in Glasgow, Rebecca Fraser’s Today Museum, whose project LIFE explores and archives what life is like in 2021 for the people of Shettleston through their stories and objects. 
For more information on Rebecca’s work please visit: https://www.todaymuseumparkhead.com/

Thank you so much to Ann Dundas, Donald’s wife, who rang me up to see if we’d be interested in these tales.  Thanks Ann, that was a brilliant suggestion!

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Episode Links:

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Monte Carlo Rally | Lanarkshire Car Club | Morgan cars | Vanguard cars

Duke St Meat Market | Gallacher and Lyle | Blythswood Hotel

Andy Neil | Chrissie Neil

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