Tales fae the East is a podcast, photography and outreach project about Glasgow’s East End. While the “East” represents a large part of the city, we’ll be focusing in on Dennistoun, Haghill and Sighthill. Other Glasgow Life projects will be working concurrently in other nearby areas. We’ll be adding links to online resources for these Other projects as the work develops.

The east end of Glasgow has a rich and diverse history. By interviewing people from all walks of life about their connection with where they live, we hope to discover hidden gems of cultural significance. In addition to this we hope to make a collection of photographic portraits of our participants culminating in an exhibition.

This aims to be a community led project and our hope is that it will continue to grow long after our residency is completed. To aid this we’ll be facilitating group sessions in the form of workshops. The main focus of these sessions will be on podcasting and portrait photography. That said, we’ll be open to suggestions from participants about what content they’d like us to deliver.

If you’d like to read more about the artists working on Tales fae the East, please check out our About page.

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An amazing insight into the history of Duke Street.
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