In this episode I talk with Jane and James Torrens, formerly of St Rollox Church in Sighthill.

Both Jane and James have quite remarkable professional medical backgrounds.
James left medicine to enter the church as a minister.  St Rollox became his parish.
It was during their time at St Rollox that refugees came to settle in the area. 

We talk about both Jane and James’ lives before Sighthill, their medical practices and much more beyond, when then talk about St Rollox and the arrival of the refugees.

I was out and about talking to folk along Duke St one day and a contact with Nigerian roots said to Tim and I that ‘if you were to be a refugee anywhere, Glasgow would be the city you’d want to be a refugee’.  The conversation that we have in this episode is a great testimony to this.

Just a wee trigger warning, at a certain point in the episode we talk about diseases including leprosy.       
Many thanks to Elaine MacKenzie Ellis for putting us all in contact! 

Thanks for listening!  

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