This episode features a chat between Irene McInnes of Reidvale Housing Association and sociologist, historian and author Seán Damer. 

In each of the 15 episodes that we’ve released so far for Tale Fae the East, the notion of community, home and housing seems to be an implicit part of the picture we’re building of the East End. 

When we talked for episode 14 Mandy McIntosh mentioned Seán Damer’s book Scheming  I read the book and was was very taken with it.  This lead me to seek Seán out to see if he’d be willing to talk with us for the podcast about the nature of housing in Glasgow and the East End. 

Irene McInnes is one of the founders of Reidvale Housing Association.  Irene spoke to me for episode one of this podcast series.  Her perspective on life in the East End and her involvement in social housing and community made her the ideal person to speak with Sean and myself.
I’m incredibly grateful for the time that they gave to speak for the podcast.  They offer a series of very interesting perspectives that help to step towards a take on the East End that Tales Fae the East is looking to build over the course of its episodes.

I’m hoping to do another episode on the nature of the high flats in Sighthill with other participants soon.  More on that when it happens.

Keep an eye out for Seán’s new book, too:  Those Tyrannising Landlords

Thank you so much for listening.    
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