This episode is a conversation with Stuart Cosgrove of Dennistoun. Stuart is a writer, broadcaster, television executive and so much more.

A resident of Dennistoun for many years now Stuart originally comes from Letham in Perth. Our conversation covers a huge amount of ground, from the nature and diversity of life in Dennistoun, through to how traffic issues are affecting the area at this moment in time. We then go into his youth in Perth, studies in Hull – including the influence of Philp Larkin on his career and then on to Stuart’s working life. We also talk about the importance of soul music and investing in the talent of young people. We touch on the life and skills of late Mary Wilson of the Supremes and then we round off with a reflection of Gaelic in the community.

There’s so much in this episode. There’s also two naughty words which pop later on in the episode, please feel free to add a beeping sound at your own discretion.

As we recorded this conversation over Zoom there are occasional odd noises and pinging sounds, I’ve tried to edit them out where possible, but you will hear the odd pop and growl for which I apologise.
I was also so excited to speak to Stuart that I forgot to turn my own microphone on for the first 20 minutes of the episode, that’s why you’ll hear a change in the quality of my voice as we go along.

Thank you for listening!

Stuart Cosgrove | photograph - by Kris Kesiak
Stuart Cosgrove | photograph – by Kris Kesiak

Stuart Cosgrove’s Books:

Detroit 67: The Year That Changed Soul

Memphis 68: The Tragedy of Southern Soul

Harlem 69: The Future of Soul

Cassius X: A Legend in the Making

Young Soul Rebels: A Personal History of Northern Soul

Hey America – Black Music and the White House

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  1. Comment by Martin Cox

    Martin Cox Reply March 1, 2022 at 9:22 am

    Just catching up with the podcasts. Fascinating chat with Stuart. Know him from Off The Ball, of course, and from saying the occasional “hello” to him in Tibo but didn’t appreciate his amazing music background!

    Recommended listen 👍

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