Mitch Miller

Mitch Miller – 02

In this episode I speak with Mitch Miller of Dennistoun. Mitch is an artist who works with an approach which he calls the Dialectogram, offering a pigeons eye view of spaces. Spaces as seen from above, but with the pigeon’s knowledge of where all the dropped chips from Friday night lie. Mitch comes from a […]

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Tales fae the East - 1st Podcast

Irene McInnes – 01

The 1st of our series of Podcasts – Irene McInnes In the first episode of Tales Fae the East we speak with Irene McInnes of Dennistoun.  Irene grew up in the East End, and came to settle in Dennistoun in her 20’s. She’s one of the key figures in Reidvale Housing Association, a pioneering community housing […]

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Tales fae the East

podcast and photography – Introduction

Tales Fae the East is a podcast and photography project about the lives of the people of Dennistoun, Sighthill and Haghill.

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